3 simple steps

Step 1

Login to the platform, and set up your query specific to the PII you want to request.

Step 2

Generate the QR code, and either embed it to your site, or print it out.

Step 3

Your users scan the QR code with their ShareRing app, and grant you access to the requested PII.

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One login.
Maximum Privacy.

Access your unique VQL account by scanning the login QR code with your Vault app. PII stored in your account is encrypted using your Vault's public key.

Maximum security for your user's PII. Paramount trust with your users.

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Basic coding,
Limitless opportunities.

Set up your query logic on the platform to request specific PII from the Vault. Generate the QR code, and either embed it on your website, or print it out for easy scanning.

Proceed to link your backend system. Simply connect it via an API, and that's it.

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