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Verify your customer's digital identity at the scan of a QR code. Simple and reusable digital identities for the next era of the internet.

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Explore the many benefits our digital identity solution brings to your business and customers.


  • Overcomplex identity verification processes
  • Excessive storage of customer data
  • Lack of infrastructure technology to support digital identity verification
  • Does not promote user data privacy
  • Repetitive operational procedures when verifying customers
  • Complicated and over-customized digital identity technology


  • Predetermined ready-to-integrate workflows
  • Reduces risk of managing honeypots of customer data
  • Institutional grade verification technology with high degrees of certainty
  • Ensures customers have control over their data
  • Creates reusable digital identities
  • Trustworthy digital identity technology for your business

Connected with

ShareRing is an official company supporter of, a UK-based social enterprise that “connects the unconnected” to the world wide web. Our synergy naturally derives from our respective visions, with ShareRing to create frictionless access to digital information and experiences, and to connect 1 billion users to the internet.

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