Online Privacy with digital identites

Offer unparalleled digital experiences for the
next generation of consumers without the hassle of
managing honeypots of personal data.

Establish trusted relationships with your users and allow them
to control what information they share with your business.

Products we offer

Our suite of technology makes it simple to incorporate digital identities into your existing business processes.

Elevate your digital offerings by streamlining private interactions between your business and users.


Request information from your users through QR codes generated with VQL.

Encrypted communication channels ensures maximum privacy between your business and users.

Identifi Me app

Welcome to Identifi Me

Access the Vault through Identifi Me to
create your digital identity.

Secure management and control over your personal information at all times.

Available on iOS and Android

The identity app for users who interact with businesses, and require some form of digital verification. Create and manage reputable information through Identifi Me.

How does it work for your users?

2 simple steps for users to verify themselves.


Your team would have generated a QR code via our VQL platform, and embedded it to an interaction touchpoint with users.

Ask your users to scan the QR code via Identifi Me.
try it with the QR code above*


After scanning the QR code, a list of information requested by your business will be shown to the user inside Identifi Me.

Users will then be prompted to confirm or reject the sharing of information.

Categorising reputable data

Reputable data inside Identifi Me is verified using institutional grade verification technology.
The higher the category, the more trustworthy and credible the information is.

User added

Lowest tier of trust and reputability

No identity checks completed.

ShareRing checked

Medium tier of trust and reputability

User information which has undergone our OCR technology
to be extracted from a Non-NFC govt document.

ShareRing verified

Highest tier of trust and reputability

Information which has been extracted via NFC reader and
cross referenced against the OCR extracted information,
or information that is issued by a 3rd party issuer.

ShareRing for Businesses

Your Business


  • Digital verification lacks trust and reputability
  • Legacy operational processes that are inefficient
  • Ineffective manual tasks that are time consuming
  • Managing excessive personal data, creating a honeypot
  • Confused by complex technology and overwhelming workflows
  • Unsure of identity regulations relevant to your jurisdiction


  • Access reputable and trusted information from users across the world
  • Establish high degrees of trust with your users
  • Reduce your overheads with onboarding users, and lower risks associated with data hacks
  • Provide value to your users for their data, without breaching privacy and security standards
  • Distinguish real users from bots
  • Offer better experiences to your users by increasing operational efficiency

Connected with

ShareRing is an official company supporter of, a UK-based social enterprise that “connects the unconnected” to the world wide web. Our synergy naturally derives from our respective visions, with ShareRing to create frictionless access to digital information and experiences, and to connect 1 billion users to the internet.

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