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ShareRing ID is the key to the gateway between you and the future digital landscape

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ShareRing for Individuals

Be at the forefront of the future

Self sovereign (self owned and controlled) digital identities pave the way forward for the digital future and web3. Secure yours today with ShareRing.

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Digital Authentication

ShareRing App

Access all our digital ID features inside the ShareRing app available on iOS and Android.

Your Digital Passport

ShareRing ID

A digital twin representation of your physical identity, verifiable and unique to you.

Store Your Credentials

ShareRing Vault

A digital storage solution inside the ShareRing app, accessible only on your device. No cloud storage, no centralised database.

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ShareRing for Businesses

Act as thought leaders of the future

The world is moving on, regardless of how ready you or your business are. This is why ShareRing exists, to ensure that your business stays ahead of the crowd with the latest technology.

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Secure your digital future

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