We build digital identity solutions for your business

Our company provides businesses with advanced verification technology solutions, and a trusted reusable identity framework for building reputable customers.

Secure your business’ digital future with ShareRing.

ShareRing Business

Digital identities are the foundation to the next generation of the internet. Prepare your business for the future.

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The future is in our hands

ShareRing is a trailblazer in the concept of re-usable digital identities, whereby once an individual's documents are verified once, we leverage the power of blockchain technology to create a digitized version of this identity which can be utilized again and again in the future with no need to re-do the painful process of self-identification.

ShareRing Business

Leadership behind ShareRing

Tim Bos


Blockchain engineer and successful entrepreneur

Raymond Shuai


Versatile CFO experienced in finance, fundraising and licensing

Jonathan Duncan


Dedication professional with 10+ years in operations

Alan Kidd

Digital Identity Lead

Decades of experience on large multinational projects

Claire Martin

Product Lead

Agile evangelist focused on user driven development

Jonathon Liu

Creative Marketing Manager

Web3 builder experienced with tech startups, and blockchain built solutions