#SHRBUIDL - Livestream with Tim Bos, Q4 2022

April 13, 2023

Watch the livestream BELOW

Over $1000USD in value prizes to be won. A roadmap to be announced. Alpha demo sneak peeks. Insider info on ShareLedger and our B2B developments. Private tour of the brand new office in Vietnam.

This is the #SHRBUIDL livestream of the year. 

Mark your calendars. 2pm AEDT, October 21, 2022. RSVP HERE for an extra entry to our giveaway!

Back in September, Tim put out a teaser on the development of ShareRing’s development center in Vietnam, located in Ho Chi Minh. To celebrate the grand opening of our office, Tim will take all livestream viewers on a tour of the new office, and speak to some of our core dev team members as we look to close off 2022 on a strong note.

Throughout the livestream Tim will discuss our Web3 journey with ShareLedger, and how we are building the infrastructure to a frictionless future for goods and services. Behind this mission lies the values of connecting a fragmented digital ecosystem, and the protection of one’s rights to data and privacy. To support this, our technology leverages self sovereign identity concepts, and the use of NFTs, Soulbound Tokens, and Verifiable Credentials.

Upcoming B2B partnerships focus on the financial, and event industries. Our developments enable real-world utility supported by blockchain technology, for example, what we’ve accomplished with eKYC and the road forward for Sharering Financial Services. There's more to tell behind the new B2B arms so make sure you stay tuned throughout the livestream.

It’s not a livestream if there’s not some alpha for our community. As we move towards 2023 and beyond, our team has been BUIDLing forward thinking technology to support our future plans. You’ll have a glimpse of Identity Query Language, a web based platform that allows you to set up and request data within a user’s ShareRing Vault via a QR code; there’s Soulbound Tokens (think identity management which is wallet linked); and then web login which is a browser-plug in to enable quick site logins at the scan of a QR code. Wait till you see it all in action on the livestream…


There’s over $1000 USD in value of prizes to be won! 

Livestream Giveaway Prizes: 

  • 5x ShareRing branded merch pack*
  • 5x Seed phrase steel cards*
  • 5x USD100 worth of staked $SHR

*to be delivered once these items become available, not before Q4 2022.

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