ShareRing Vault

Store and manage all your digital documents in one place. Only accessible by you.

ShareRing for Individuals

Safely store your credentials

Any personal documents you add to your ShareRing Vault are encrypted into unreadable data and securely stored on your device. Third parties cannot access your data unless you choose to share it with them.

Security first

When you verify your identity with a third party using Vault, you can choose what details to share. It’s a new way to prove who you are without revealing all your information.

Stay in control of your data

Want to change your mind after you’ve shared personal details? You can approve or reject permissions any time you want.

No cloud storage

Your identity documents are stored only on your device, and nowhere else. There’s no cloud storage and no centralized database.

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Your digital fingerprint

When you add your document to the Vault, we also create a “hash” (digital fingerprint) of it on the ShareLedger blockchain. This is a security technique that protects your data by scrambling it into a string of unreadable code.

Setup your Digital ID
ShareRing Vault

Protect your digital identity

It’s easy to see if anyone has tried to tamper with your information, thanks to our blockchain technology, which offers tight protection against identity theft and fraud.

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ShareRing Vault

Secure your digital future

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