ShareRing ID

The genesis of your digital identity. Verifiable, and unique to you.

ShareRing ID

Your digital twin representation

Replicate your physical identity into a digital form, and be verifiable with a touch of a button.

Verifiable credentials

Your ShareRing ID is composed from verifiable physical documents, and matched with OCR, Ai and facial recognition technology.


There is only one of you, and so too should your ShareRing ID be unique. Stand out against the crowd with your ShareRing ID.

Self sovereign

Your ShareRing ID should be managed by the person who knows you best. You. Own your data and secure your privacy.

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ShareRing ID

Future proof your digital ID

Your identity plays a pivotal role to your existence, and ShareRing values the importance of owning your digital ID. Maximise your digital potential by creating your ShareRing ID today.

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