One app. Limitless opportunities.

Whether it's creating your digital identity, or securely sharing personal information to access services. It's all controlled by you, in one app.

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ShareRing App

Start your digital journey with ShareRing

Protect your digital self as you navigate the world. ShareRing gives you the tools to do just that.

Create your ShareRing ID

A digital twin representation of your physical self. Completely self sovereign, 100% unique to you.

Own your data

Your personal information is yours to own, not ours. Store your information inside ShareRing Vault, an encrypted storage solution.

Expanding ecosystem

We’re continuously working on new features and services. Keep an eye out as we expand on our offerings.

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Features that are on offer

Your digital identity in your pocket

Your digital identity marks your footprint across the phygital landscape, and we’ve developed features that you’ll need throughout your journey.


Whether it’s accessing a premise, an event, or a service - utilise your ShareRing ID for a faster and simpler user experience.

Digital Lifestyle

Mint NFTs inside the ShareRing App, or even use NFTs to access in-person and digital events in the metaverse.

Swap and Stake

Swap your $SHR into SLP3 and stake on the ShareLedger blockchain to earn rewards!

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The gateway to your digital future

The world is adapting to the changing needs of Web3. Future proof your digital journey with the ShareRing app, and be at the forefront of change.

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