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Create, own, and manage your digital identity with ShareRing.

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Create your ShareRing ID

A digital twin representation of your physical self. Self sovereign and unique to you. 3 steps is all it takes.

Download ShareRing

Create your ShareRing ID through our app. Your identity is controlled by your fingers. Available on IOS, and Android.

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Upload Documents

A verifiable government issued document is required to identify your identity with our facial recognition and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Don’t worry, this is stored only on your device and nowhere else.

Digitally Verify

Record a 3 second video selfie to match your facial features against the uploaded document from Step 2. Upon a successful match, your ShareRing ID is complete.

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ShareRing ID

Your digital identity

Represent yourself in a verifiable manner across the web, whilst protecting your privacy and data.

Privacy is No.1

You control who has access to your personal information, and you own your data. All on your device, and nowhere else.

Immutable Data

Your identity cannot be changed in the physical form. Similarly your digital identity shouldn’t be able to either.

Genesis. The first.

This is the first step to regaining your digital identity. Stop scattering your personal information with third parties everywhere.

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ShareRing Vault

Connect to disconnect

An encrypted storage solution for your digitized documents. Your data is managed entirely by you, and never uploaded to a cloud server.

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ShareRing App

Inside our ecosystem

Your ShareRing ID grants you access to an array of features and services inside the ShareRing app. From identity management,  simplified premises or events exclusive access, to minting NFTs. ShareRing is the gateway to your digital future.

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Secure your digital future

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