Vault Query Language (VQL): Real World Use Case

April 13, 2023

Real World Use Case: ShareRing VQL

When would one use ShareRing VQL in the real world? Imagine it’s orientation week at a local university for new students, and all the clubs are onsite to recruit new students.

A blockchain lab group offering a raffle draw in which students must sign up in order to be entered into the draw. 

The blockchain lab team first signs into their VQL web portal to set up the query to request a student’s name and university email address. This then produces a unique QR code that can be embedded into the group website. 

At orientation week, the blockchain lab can show the QR code (which has already been embedded in their website) on an iPad, so that students who join the blockchain group and raffle draw only need to scan the QR code, approve the request to give their name and email on their own devices. Then, they are automatically entered into the raffle.

Sign up and learn more about VQL via this link here