$SHR – BEP2 to BEP20 Cross Chain Swap LIVE NOW

April 13, 2023

Step by step guide to swap BEP2 “Binance Chain Network” $SHR to BEP20 “Binance Smart Chain Network” $SHR

BEP20 Token Contract


  • Make sure you have Binance Wallet installed in your browser extension
  • Import an existing wallet, or create a new one
  • Make sure you have your BNB, and BEP2-SHR inside your wallet, under the Binance Beacon Chain Network
  • Swap network to “Binance Smart Chain Network”
  • Click on “Receive” and copy your BSC address.
  • Swap the network back to “Binance Beacon Chain Network” and click on “Send” 
  • Select SHR as the asset to send.
  • Paste the BSC address that you copied in step 5 into the address field “Address” field.
  • A Note under the Address field will show that you are performing a cross chain transfer
  • Enter the amount, confirm details and press “Send”.
  • Swap back to “Binance Smart Chain” network and confirm the funds have arrived.