ShareRing (SHR) Lists on Industry-Leading DEX Uniswap

September 2, 2022

We’re pleased to announce that SHR has been listed on the industry-leading DEX Uniswap.

Within hours of the smooth and successful upgrade to the ShareRing Contract on November 10th, we’re happy to announce that SHR has been listed on the leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Uniswap.

Thanks to our amazing community the ETH-SHR pair has already achieved an incredible $180,000 liquidity and $200,000 volume in just 24 hours!

How UniSwap Works

On Uniswap, users provide liquidity by “pooling” where they deposit cryptocurrencies in the liquidity pool to earn a share of the fees paid out when trading occurs.

Uniswap pools are created by using 50% ETH and 50% of the token of choice to ensure liquidity is maintained. This is unique to Uniswap and is considered one of the reasons why it doesn’t experience a lack of liquidity like other DEXs.

Uniswap’s DEX Dominance

Boasting an impressive 1311 coins and 2947 trading pairs on the exchange, Uniswap’s recent success and popularity are likely due to a number of factors. With no registration required and a clean interface, the DEX is refreshingly easy to use.

New tokens can be listed for free in only a matter of hours, and it allows the community to earn most of the fees by providing liquidity for their favorite tokens. This put Uniswap at the center of the DeFi explosion earlier this year, which saw users earn extremely high APY on their crypto assets.

Opportunities for ShareRing

With Uniswap leading the pack in the DEX category with an impressive 10x more volume than its nearest competitor, SHR is more accessible than ever to both veteran crypto traders and newcomers alike.

This comes at an ideal time for ShareRing as we continue to make headlines with some of our biggest announcements of the year leading up to our highly anticipated product and app launches.

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Where do I purchase ShareRing tokens?

Interested in purchasing SHR tokens? You can do so from the following exchanges:

Uniswap: SHR ETH


Bithumb Global: SHR BTC & SHR USDT & SHR ETH

Bitmart: SHR BTC

Binance Dex: SHR BEP2 & SHR BUSD


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