ONTHELIST – Staking and Swap Early Access!

April 13, 2023

SHR Staking and Swap are coming soon: make sure you’re #ONETHELIST for early access

Part of our mission at ShareRing is to enable frictionless access. By giving people control of their digital assets, identity, and economic freedom, we empower individuals to engage and move in-and-between industries with ease.

Digital assets and earnings play a big role in this mission. In the centralised finance environment we exist in, transparency and control of your own assets are highly restricted and monitored. This inability to wholly manage your assets without a third party overseeing all movements impersonates characteristics of distrust and restriction. ShareRing can help overcome this.

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Today, we’re announcing new features to the ShareRing app, Staking and Swap.

Staking will offer our users the choice to delegate their $SHR to our masternodes, and earn $SHR rewards in return. Staking also helps facilitate the economic security of ShareLedger (our blockchain), ensuring that our ecosystem runs at its optimum level at all times.

Swap has long been a feature in our roadmap. Initially we created $SHR as BEP2, however as we have matured we too see the need to develop a BEP20 token. Although this is still in development, you are now able to swap your $SHR with other ERC20 wallets, as well as those native to ShareLedger.

Available Swaps:



(SLP3-SHR is ShareToken native to ShareLedger)

Developing Community

Staking and Swap will be core features of ShareRing. With a lively, vibrant, secure community of masternode holders and stakers (delegators), we all share the belief and recognition that ShareRing enables a frictionless digital future, whether it be engaging with businesses, or managing your own digital assets.

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